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Why You Need This book

The Beginners Lift Off gives you the most cost effective way to get started online in the most detailed way out there. If you're struggling to get ahead, or don't have much funds to invest in your online business at first, this book is for you! 

From nothing to an entire sales funnel

I show you exactly how to build an entire sales funnel including a lead maniging system in the back end, completely from scratch. You don't have to invest in expensive developers and webdesigners. Every step of the process are outlined in a very specific and detailed way, making it simple to implement as you go.


The fundation

Shows you every tool and registrar you need to set it up and make it all work

finding the right offers

Explains in detail how you can find quality products to promote to your visitors, already made for you

Creating the funnel

Step-by-step details on how you quickly can set up every page you need

Connecting it all together

How you connect it all together  to have it run automatically

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When you get this book you'll get everything you need to know to build an online business in the most cost effective way out there, and having it all run on autopilot. All you need to do is provide the traffic, which by the way also are included in the book!

What customers are saying:

Great eBook!

Just what most of us struggling marketers need. We have all the concepts except the technical how to side.

JAMES RINEHART  //  Marketer

Thanks, RENE!

A great read that will benefit anyone who takes action.

GREG BENNET  //  Online Marketer

everything You Need To Know About

The technical

  • Finding a Highly Profitable and in Demand Niche
  • Finding / Creating High Quality Products to Make Money From In a Long Time To Come
  • Get Set Up With A Quality Domain Name and a Great Hosting Service.
  • Detailed Training on Developing High Converting Squeeze Pages and Uploading Them to the Server Ready to Collect Tons of Prospects
  • Set Up a Preferred Autoresponder to Develop a Strong and Genuine Relationship With All Your Prospects and Customers – Automatically!

the sales funnel

  • Detailed Outlines on Creating High Converting Sales Pages to Generate Cashflows Right off the Bat
  • In Depth Guidelines to Get the Most out of Every Offer, and Avoid Leaving Cash on The Table
  • Creating PayPal Buy Now Buttons Explained Step-by-Step to keep 100% of the Profits!
  • Find out About a Simple Little Trick That Can Boost Conversions by Up To 200%
  • Follow up with Every Lead and Customer With Strong Relationship Building Emails That are Set Up To Do So Automatically

The Chapters

The chapters are ordered after what you should do first and what you should do last. You can use this book as a recipe, one chapter at a time. Once you are done with chapter one, proceed to chapter two, and so on. Thereby it becomes extremely newbie friendly and anyone can follow this simple build up.


Finding a profitable

How you can leverage Amazon to find a highly profitable niche that you can be certain there's money to be made in.


Finding & Creating
Products to Promote

How you can save time by finding high quality 

products you can promote rigt away, and how

you can make your own products.

How you can leverage Amazon to find a highly profitable niche that you can be certain there's money to be made in.


Getting a quality domain
and hosting plan

How to find cheap, quality domain names, and

solid hosting sevice


Setting up an 

Detailed, in depth outlines on how to choose and set up an autoresponder, and connecting it to your pages!

How you can leverage Amazon to find a highly profitable niche that you can be certain there's money to be made in.


Creating a high converting squeeze page

Every tool and technical aspects are explained in detail on how to build a high converting squeeze page from completely from scratch.


Creating a High Converting Sales Funnel

Every technical aspects are explained in detail on how to set up sales pages with great offers to your subscribers, once they subscribe. This dramatically boosts your sales and revenue. Chapter 2 helps you find the right products to offer!

How you can leverage Amazon to find a highly profitable niche that you can be certain there's money to be made in.


Traffic and Lead

Link to videos explaining 25 different traffic generation sources. Both free and paid methods!

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Really appreciate that one!

I am currently working on my IM-projects too and will definitely consider your advice! I love how you get in detail with regards for e.g AWeber!

Thank you very much, Rene!

Kay S.  //  Project Manager

Thank you Rene!

All I can say is that you have written an amazing eBook!

Gvidas S.  //  Marketer


Fantastic content! Thanks so much for your generosity!

Melinda C.  //  Online Marketer

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