Onions consist of several layers. Kind of similar to businesses. To build and maintain a certain sustainability in any business, there are several aspects that need to be managed properly. Here at The Marketing Onion we look at each of these aspects as different layers.

The core of the onion is what gives life to the other layers, and are represented by a solid infrastructure built on efficient teams, processes, tools and softwares.

In digital business we're talking about running marketing campaigns, social media, email marketing, advertising, content, and managing the workflow behind it all. Each of these aspects, built upon a solid core, makes up a fresh marketing onion.

We believe the content of The Marketing Onion would be a perfect fit for online marketers and businesses that are looking to improve their marketing efforts, achieve better workflows, and are searching for more effective ways to run their business. It’s also a good fit for beginners who want to get started online and hopefully make an income on the side.

The Author

My name is René Frydson and I'm a passionate digital marketer, blogger, and productivity enthusiast from a small city called Forde in Western Norway. Alongside my formal education in marketing management with a specialty in digital marketing, I have over 6 years of experience from online ventures. I have hands-on experience from my employment in the marketing department of a large energy company in Norway

  • I am experienced in digital marketing and online business sphere.
  • I’ve been passionate about digital marketing for many years. I have invested hundreds of hours developing myself and learning about this stuff, both through trial and error, and formal education.
  • I make it my highest priority to make sure the content I publish through my blog posts and newsletter are of extraordinary value.
  • I'm genuinely interested in making it easier for you to build your own online business by providing mentoring through my content and recommendations.

Happy reading.

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The Marketing Onion team