7 sources to come up with great content ideas

7 Sources To Excellent Content Ideas

7 Sources to excellent content Ideas

Blogging is great and a lot of fun. I love to communicate with my readers on a regular basis. Just like every blogger does. However, we also know that content creation are not a sprint, it's a marathon. It demands a lot of new ideas and creativity to keep pumping out new and fresh content every week. Coming up with new content ideas on a consistent basis isn’t always as easy as it seems. Here are 7 inspirational sources to come up with great content ideas.


Sign up for popular blogs in your niche through an RSS-reader to stay on top of new posts. Makes it easy to keep yourself and your audience updated on new quality content. I use an RSS reader called Feedly. It’s user-friendly and simple to use.

Many blogs have a few sub-niches they specialize in more than others. Feedly makes it easy to categorize by themes and topics. Here’s a screenshot of my Feedly account and the categories I have so far:


PLR products

One of my favorites. PLR products are a great source of good content you can either give away for free or promote as a paid offer to your list. If you find PLR products with giveaway rights you can edit them to contain some of your affiliate links and give the product away for free. This is especially effective with eBooks, and I love the win-win situation it provides. Your readers get a valuable free resource, and you get a great opportunity to make some cash from the affiliate links inside.

You can go here to get to IDplr.com. They got lots of products with giveaway rights.


Q&A-sites and Forums

I like to browse through Q&A sites and Forums to see which posts and questions are asked. Which posts have the most views in a popular forum? This is probably the most information-abundant sources to come up with great content ideas. If you’re using this method you may find just about anything you’re looking for. Keep in mind that you want to find some ideas. Don’t be carried away in discussions if you really don’t have time for that.

Quora.com is my favorite Q&A site. Another good one is Yahoo! Answers!



This is a tool which lets you browse Twitter discussions and find out which topics are hot in your niche. There’s often a big chance your audience will be interested in these topics as well! I highly recommend that you check out Tweetdeck since it helps you stay on top of trends in your niche or industry, which is exactly why it deserves a spot as 1 of 7 sources to come up with great content ideas.


Repurpose Old Content

If you have published content online for a while you have most likely written some articles, recorded some videos or published other forms of content. A great way to reach a new and broader audience is to repurpose that popular article of yours into a YouTube video, or a PowerPoint presentation for posting on Slideshare. This is another one of my favorites to reach even more people slightly quicker than creating new stuff all the time. It also eliminates that writing block many of us are familiar with. This is also one of my favorite sources for coming up with great content ideas. It’s time effective and makes you reach bigger and broader audiences than before.


Other Influencers Email Lists

This may be best for inspiration to your own newsletter if you have one. Find some influencers in your niche that you know have a large following and are trusted in the marketplace. These people send out quality content to their subscribers all the time. You might even pick up some awesome paid products you want to promote to your own list. These people do not promote just about anything, so you can be sure that the paid products they promote are of great value. When your free stuff is so unbelievably awesome, then you must promote even better paid products.

Here’s a link to a post I wrote if you’re looking to create or improve your existing email follow up sequence. 

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Logging off

Take a shower, go for a walk, work out, meditate, have some alone time. This gives you time to think! Many of my best ideas and thoughts come to me when I am showering. It’s like my brain is operating at its highest quality performance when it’s just me. Try it! Is very healthy for your thinking. And trust me, ideas will pop into your head when you least expect it. Of all these sources to come up with great content ideas this is probably my favorite.

There you have it. Now get on with that content creation!

Know of any other good ways to get inspired? Let me know in the comments.

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