PASTOR – A Powerful Copywriting Framework

PASTOR - A powerful copywriting framework

PASTOR - A Powerful #Copywriting Framework! Write More #Engaging and #Persuasive #Blog and sales #Content Using This #Awesome Copywriting Framework!

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Good copywriting makes a huge difference when trying to catch your readers attention. This is especially important when trying to communicate why someone should buy your stuff, sign up for the course you made or subscribe for your newsletter. Therefore, copywriting is a very important skill to master for anyone running an online business, whether it is an online store or selling/recommending informational products. The PASTOR copywriting framework can help you with exactly that.

However, developing great copywriting skills requires a lot of practice, and I am certain that most online entrepreneurs will agree when I say that there are a lot of other important stuff that get higher priority than practising copywriting skills.

Luckily, there are several frameworks that makes it easier, even for beginners, to write out a good piece of copy when trying to convince the reader to take the action we want from them.

The P.A.S.T.O.R copywriting framework is among my favourites. The framework consists of six parts and contributes to writing better and more persuasive copy.

Ray Edwards has a great podcast episode on this which I highly recommend you listen to.


The PASTOR copywriting framework

In summary, the PASTOR framework consists of six powerful elements:

  • P = Problem
  • A = Amplify
  • S = Solution
  • T = Testimony
  • O = Offer
  • R = Response

Think of this the PASTOR copywriting framework as a way to guide your readers into the right solution for the problem.


This can be as simple as just stating the problem. For example:

You have an online business that’s not going anywhere. you don’t get any traffic to your website or blog,. You’re wasting a lot of time doing the wrong things”


PASTOR - A powerful copywriting framework

Paint a picture to your readers that shows them the future if they don’t do anything with the  problem they are having. If possible, include a point in your copy that states that if they don’t take action on this, it may be the point where their path takes a turn for the worse. 

Keep in mind that you don’t want to manipulate people into taking actions that really aren’t in their best interest. We tend to make trivial things seem bigger than they really are, and the opposite is true with big problems. They often get neutralized in the mind.

However, do not steer up fear for the case of making a sale. Rather acknowledge reality as it is, so that people can make a clear choice on what to do next.

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PASTOR - A powerful copywriting framework

Tell a story for your customers and the people you want to convince that your product is the best fit for them. This can definately be from someone you know about or even from your own situation. For instance:

“I remember very well when I was in the same situation that you are. Then I did an analysis of what was working for my business and what didn’t. I was able to filter out the activities that did not bring any results to my business and spend more time on the activities that did. Over time I’ve identified other activities that actually works for my business, and assembled them all into this one course to help you focus your time into the right activities, which will bring the most value to your business”


PASTOR - A powerful copywriting framework

Remember that people are not buying the course, the product or the thing itself. They buy the solution - the transformation that the product they buy will give them.

Keep in mind, people don’t trust you. That’s of course because they don’t know you. So they need powerful convincing in order to buy a product form you. This is why every element that builds trust is so important to include in your copy. One of the best way to do this is to include testimonials from other that have tried the product before, and can recommend it to others. This is called word of mouth and is among the most powerful marketing out there.

“I bought this course and I must say that it transformed the way I work on my business. I am getting so much more back from my business activities - meaningful and valuable results. I no longer feel that I’m wasting time or live in ignorance around what I’m doing is pointless or not. That’s an incredible feeling. I highly recommend this if you struggle to move your business forward!”

- Name


If  you can include a picture of the testimony person it’s more powerful. Recommendations through social media are even more powerful, and the most powerful testimony of them all is video of people recommending your product or service. Also, these kind of testimonials are by far the most powerful word of mouth technique out there. So get those if you can!

“When your using video testimonials is best if they’re real, if they’re raw, unscripted, unedited, and you leave in the good, the bad and the ugly” - Ray Edwards

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PASTOR - A powerful copywriting framework

The offer is not your product or service in it self, but the transformation the buyer gets to his or hers life. A lot of our behaviour is based on feelings and so you want to frame this part of your copy around the solution, and how it will feel or not feel to get rid of the problem. People who are in need of medication are looking to get rid of some kind of pain. Those who want to start an online business want to buy products and services which helps them towards the path of having a lifestyle filled with freedom both timewise and financially.

Tell them exactly what they get and keep it to the point. 

Ask for the sale

Many make the mistake of never asking for the sale. You’ll be amazed how many people tells you yes if you simply ask for it.


PASTOR - A powerful copywriting framework

This is the last part of the PASTOR framework and it’s time for the call to action. In this part of your copy you tell your reader exactly what to do. Be specific. 

Then tell them what will happen next, and make sure that what you tell them actually happens. Nothing more, nothing less, exactly on point. This is important for your first impression and lays the groundwork for building the trust you need to sell more to them in the future.

There you have it. The PASTOR framework!

I’m positive that it will help you sell more products and persuade more effectively through your content. It's even possible to gain your followers real trust in the process so they'll buy more from you. Read more about that here

The PASTOR copywriting framework is developed by Ray Edwards, and if you’re looking to improve your copywriting skills I can highly recommend his podcast. You can find it here.


PASTOR - A Powerful #Copywriting Framework! Write More #Engaging and #Persuasive #Blog and sales #Content Using This #Awesome Copywriting Framework!

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